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Tuesday, May 7, 2013




While the large AQS show is happening in Paducah, there is a smaller show going on at the Robert Cherry Civic Center.  Most locals just call it the Rotary Show.  It always features antique quilts, so you know it is my favorite.  This year's show was curated by Sue Reich in conjunction with the release of her new book Quiltings, Frolics, and Bees: 100 Years of Signature Quilts.  I have her Quilting News of Yesterday 1000 Pieces and Counting.  She also wrote one of my all time favorite state quilt books Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut.  She was at the Rotary signing books and giving a talking tour of the show quilts.  I was flattered that she remembered me and my quilts from a Quilt Study Day that we both attended.  She asked me if I documented my miniature quilts and I replied that I did.  She said she thought all my quilts will wind up in a museum and : "A hundred years from now some quilt historian is going to say God bless that woman!" (She meant because of the documentation that I am keeping.)  I will do a post on that some day.
Well, I say God bless Sue Reich and her wonderful quilt documentation books that serve as inspiration to modern day quilters.
Till next time..............