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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A visit to Shipshewana, Indiana

My husband and I paid a visit to Shipshewana recently.  We had never been there before, but quilters speak of it fondly.  There is Lolly's - a lovely quilt shop and Yoder's Dept. Store and Amish buggies going to and fro on the roads.  It is a pretty little place.  At Lolly's, I bought a small ruler and a spool of thread.  Antique fabrics have been my focus for a long time, so I passed up all the wonderful reproduction fabrics at the quilt store.  I did find the stack of authentic 1930's fabrics, though not all at the same antique store.  The piece of black draped over the cabinet is actually a black skirt that the tag said was "very old" - whatever that means.  It is almost certainly Amish.  We also went to an Amish bulk store.  Their cheeses were delicious, by the way.  It was a wonderful weekend trip and I highly recommend exploring that area if the opportunity ever presents itself to you. 
Until next time..........

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to us all!

Here we are the day before Thanksgiving.  The time surely flies along.  This is my favorite holiday.  It will be different for us this year, as I am following the SCD Diet.  Not a diet for weight loss (although I need that) but rather a diet for health reasons.  Different dishes, but good ones I hope.  The Horn of Plenty is a remembrance of my mother who died in 1989.  Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, too.  She loved Horns of Plenty in any form and it truly had meaning for her.  She was a child during the Great Depression and told me that she often went to bed hungry.  Hard for my generation to believe, but it was a fact of life then.  Not hard to be grateful for what we have when you remember those who went before us.  Enjoy your family and the holiday.
Sheila H.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Finish!

I finished this miniature hexagon quilt last week.  It is 12.25" x 14.5".  There are over 700 pieces in it.  It is made entirely of antique fabrics - backing also.  It is the latest quilt in what I call my Portfolio Series.  Here is a photo of my hand holding a cardstock template for the hexagons:
About the Portfolio Series:  In late 2007 I started a series of miniature quilts.  They were to all have these things in common:
  1. They would all be made out of antique fabric. The style of the quilt would be correct for the age of the fabric.  I would do the required amount of research to feel confident in my project.
  2. Each quilt in this series would represent my very best work.
  3. Each quilt would be completely hand sewn and quilted.  This includes applying the binding.
  4. They would all be approximately the same size.
It all came to be called the Portfolio Series because the first two quilts I made were acquired by the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.   My husband was so thrilled he bought me an Artist's Portfolio to house the quilts (it protects them from the claws of our two cats).  I was thrilled, too, of course.  That is how this series evolved.  I don't ever rush to finish any of them because for me that would encourage getting sloppy and I want to avoid that.  So, sometimes a project will hit a snag and it will just have to sit there until a solution presents itself.  I will feature some more of them from time to time.
Right now I am fighting a cold, sore throat and back muscle spasms. The spasms are a bonus, I guess.  Back to my chair and a flannel quilt.
Till next time............